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A dialogue between Jung and Jyotisha

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In the Garden of Jung

A seeker attempting to articulate the inarticulable matters of the heart at some point during this contemplative walk, arrives at the garden of knowledge pruned and cultivated by Carl G. Jung.

This garden serves as a fertile ground, adaptable to the nature of seeds—seeds of ideas yearning for refuge, seeking to grow into trees of wisdom. The fruits of this garden, however, are reserved for those who approach with sincerity and integrity.

Jung's garden is a dreamscape, where abstract notions take tangible form, and intangible blossoms bear concrete fruits. It is a realm where dreams manifest in extraordinary ways.

Here, each seeker discovers what they truly need, guided by their own nature. With every return to this garden, they delve deeper, exploring and revisiting its offerings. In this process, the seeker unravels layers of the self, continually rediscovering new facets of their being.

Amidst the chaos of reality, an inherent order reveals itself within the garden's embrace when one carries the teachings of Jyotisha in their heart. The fruits and flowers of Jung's and Jyotisha's teachings serve as navigational tools, enabling one to chart meaningful paths amidst the darkness of existence.

This is a haven for those with untamed spirits, seeking solace in the wisdom of the sages.

It is my endeavor to plant the seeds of Indian Astrology or Jyotisha within this enchanting garden.

Here, Jung & Jyotisha engage in a profound dialogue, merging Analytical Psychology with the insights of Jyotisha. Together, they illuminate the intricate tapestry of the human experience, inviting seekers to delve into the depths of their own souls.

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